SEXP is a decentralized exchange for trading synthetic assets built on Tezos. Our roadmap and more details are available at the main site.

May 14th 16:00 UTC - May 17th 16:00 UTC

The presale ran from Friday 14th to Monday 17th and it is now finished. The presale is denominated in USDT. Contributors can contribute in XTZ on Tezos and/or in USDT on Binance Smart Chain.

Presale Info

The presale is now finished. The next opportunity to get SEXP is going to be the public sale. We are going to publish a summary of the presale and some statistics soon.


Example Outcomes

The public sale is going to work like this. The 15% allocation of tokens is distributed among the contributors in the public sale and the presale. Presale contributions are multiplied so that presale participants get 200% APR. The value of all contributions is added together, and the token price is calculated with this formula:

tokens_per_usd = 15_percent_tokens / all_contributions

Since the math involved can be tricky, we have prepared a few informative examples (decimals are used when calculating but not shown here). The examples are with total supply of 1000 000 000 000 tokens.

Since our plan is to run the public sale 90 days after the presale, the presale multiplier would be

200% / 365 * 90 = 49.31% bonus, + 100% base = 149.31% = 1.4931x